How New-Generation CIJ Printers Are Driving Production Efficiency for Manufacturers

Antiquated printing technologies such as hot stamping and roller coding are passé; continuous inkjet technology (CIJ) systems are in. Be it to enhance code-quality, speed up the coding procedure, minimize the amount of waste products or reduce maintenance hassles and costs, a new generation of CIJ printers are helping manufacturers in diverse sectors. Right from packaged food items, pharmaceuticals to electronics and more, this advanced printing technology solution is helping manufacturers grow their brands and comply with stringent industry standards and regulations. Below are the five ways, improved CIJ technologies can help today’s manufacturers to meet their product identification needs more efficiently?

1. Cleaning Made Easy: Ink buildup and blockage can seriously disrupt the printing process. In case of the previous generation of printers, such disruptions were avoided through frequent maintenance rituals between runs. This would slow down the entire process. Equipped with sophisticated printhead designs, the new generation CIJ printers require minimal cleaning to function efficiently. Thanks to its perforated architecture, these advanced printheads receive an increased amount of positive airflow that in turn helps reduce ink buildup rate. This significantly improves coding efficiency in high-output manufacturing environments such as wire and cable production.

2. Upgraded Cartridges: CIJ printers in their most advanced avatars come complete with ‘intelligent’ cartridges that do away with messy open fluids tanks. These sealed cartridges not only help avoid spillage and fluid mix-up, but also help line managers to avoid costly mistakes while replenishing cartridges. This significantly saves both time and cost.

3. Easy Replacement of Parts: Advanced CIJ models have a single centralized module. All replaceable parts including the filter are attached to this core unit. This allows the users to replace these parts in a hassle-free manner on predefined intervals. After each successful replacement, the printer will run over a fixed number of production hours. This saves the manufacturers from wasting time and money over frequent checks for possible wear-and-tear issues.

4. Minimal Risks of Outside Contamination: Coupled with its perforated printheads, built-in air pumps ensure a clean flow of air over all its internal components. This arrangement also protects these expensive systems from getting exposed to contaminated air outside, especially in dirty production environments. This keeps the printers in good health for a long time.

5. Better Ink-control: Fitted with temperature-sensing devices and internal heaters, the advanced CIJ systems help keep the ink stream at a uniform temperature, regardless of the changes in production environment. This helps avoid ink-overspray. In addition, it also ensures smooth ink delivery on substrates and optimum usage of ink-drops.

Now that you know the many benefits of transitioning to a new generation of CIJ system, follow the footsteps of smart manufacturers and install an advanced equipment in your facility; achieve higher production efficiency and let the bucks flow in.

Luca Edward Brown is a professional writer and blogger having many years of experience in these respective fields. He loves spending his time in doing research on different topics and thus he prefers sharing his innovative ideas with his readers through writing articles and blogs.