Yet, I’m Servicing a New Generation

What do you mean … “yet?”

“I am a product of my generation,” was to let you think about where you were born, in what kind of an environment and under what kind of condition. What if I was born in the nineteenth century somewhere in 1860?

If you turn this up-side-down you get another statement: although I am a product of my time; I am servicing a new generation.

Things have changed between the time you were raised and the time you have gained your experience. The current time has its own demands in sense of what is important.

As parents have conflicts with their children in raising them this is often about different values. What was important when we were young and what is important NOW. Those parents that stick too much to the tradition of their own times cannot live in peace with their children.

In business this is not very different.

Of course a manager should contribute with what he has learned in his professional life, yet he should also open up and consider what is the difference in the time he lived and NOW. What is currently important?

This requires some flexibility. Most of all because what is important continuously changes. In 2007 performance management was still fashionable, now it is risk management. And those who cannot capture these changes will fail as a manager. They will fail to connect with their environment, team, organization… with the people around.

The real challenge remains not to completely turn to wherever the wind blows, but knowing from what direction will certainly help the sailor (manager).